Quality Service


PlasTech specialist believes “quality as selector element”, in our world where competition has increased in the large size, all countries are approaching each other, and quality is determined by market conditions.

In accordance with this belief;

  • Always being the quality leader in Lebanon ;

  • To act in accordance with customers’ needs and requests

  • To adopt the principle of profit through customer satisfaction and orientation of all research and
    development activities in line with customer expectations;

  • Monitoring technological developments closely with our expert staff and applying,

  • To become a company integrated with its personnel by applying policies holding the satisfaction of the personnel in the foreground and increasing the level of staff training and cultural studies;

  • To fulfill the requirements and standards of production and management systems and improving our effectiveness continuously;

  • Using the existing advanced technology in the most effective way by continuous education of its employees, achieve the maximum level of production to meet expectations within the framework of customer needs, and to make PlasTech specialist  whose name is mentioned along with quality, unrivaled in this sense, to increase its market share following scientific and technological developments in a dynamic institutional structure with the contribution of PlasTech specialist employees, ensuring continuity of development by expanding the target at reached points.